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Planning Supplies for Beginners

Let’s start off by saying you don’t NEED to have certain items to plan, you can buy a simple planner or diary from most discount shops and supermarkets, write in you appointments, and that is completely fine. For me, I need more. I need Washi, stickers, and decorations in my planner because it works for me. If, like me, you also love this process, then I’ll show you different items I have in my planning ‘kit’


Okay, this is an obvious one, but the most important. Whether you have chosen a ring planner like a Kikki-K, a coil or spiral planner like an Erin Condren or a Life Designer Planner, a disc bound like the Happy Planner, an unbranded one, or simply a notebook, the process is similar, if you want to decorate then any of these planner are fine, and whatever your budget, you can join in the fun.



Washi Tape is the BEST thing for decorating with. You can use it to cover multiple areas, decorate, make dashboards, page flags,the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. With the amount of designs, patterns, colours, everyone can find a washi that they like. Most craft stores have them, but if you don’t have one nearby, online shops like Amazon and eBay have washi available. To support local shops though, I would recommend Etsy. There are literally hundreds of shops selling washi and a lot of them sell samples. Samples are perfect if you are unsure of a design, or you are just decorating for a particular holiday i.e Halloween, and you don’t need a full roll, and of course they are cheaper.

I use some of mine for stickers. For example I have a banner washi tape, that I cut down and use as a weekend banner, and a glasses tape that I cut and use as a planning sticker, because let’s face it, stickers can be expensive.

You can also fix mistakes, if you are like me and have punched something wrong, ripped the page, wrote an appointment in the wrong place or all of the above, then washi tape is your saviour.


Where do I begin? There is a sticker for everything, and I mean everything! Whether you are looking for functional stickers ie appointment, calls, emails etc, or stickers to stop you writing the same thing over and over, for example play dates, gym, exercise or even habit trackers for steps, hydration etc.

Of course, there is the not so functional stickers, which are my favorite. These are the decorative stickers, which comes in almost every design, colour and pattern and perfect for adding a theme or colour to your page. There is also have printable stickers, where you purchase and download them at your leisure.

I have yet to come across an Etsy sticker shop which I haven’t liked. Having said that, make sure you check the ratings before you order, and be aware of the shipping policies. These girls and guys work hard to get your stickers to you, and some are made to order and completely worth the wait.

You can of course, buy stickers on the high street and craft stores, this is what I started with, and I still mix them in with my Etsy stickers.


I am a paper addict, pens, not so much. That said, I have accumulated pens through the years, but I’m not into them if you know what I mean. If a pen has ink and it writes, then that will do me. I have, however, bought pens just because I see them on Instagram, which is pretty much the story of my life. I try to justify it to myself and to my husband, who has now mastered the, not again eye roll. If you do favour a certain type of pen, be aware that some may shadow or bleed through the page, depending on the paper quality. Make sure you do a pen test, before committing.


Whether it is for making dividers or using in your planner, it always helps to have some cardstock in you stash. I have a range of 12×12 and 6×6 pads. It doesn’t matter if it’s double sided or not. I trim the patterns I want to use, laminate them (you don’t have to) and turn them into dividers.

It doesn’t have to be cardstock either, I am always checking out shops for gift bags. Recently I came across this emoji gift bag which I turned into a dashboard and a snap in book mark

Another way I use card is it to decorate my Happy Planner with. I trim down a couple of patterns and stick them in to use as full boxes. Again, this is for people, like me, who maybe can’t afford, or justify buying a new set of stickers each week.

Of course there is more things that I haven’t covered, like stamps etc, but I feel like I could easily plan layouts and start off with just the aforementioned items. So if you are thinking about starting out, make sure you check out the hashtag planneraddict on Instagram for inspiration to get you started, but what I’ve leaned is that although we all use washi and stickers, all of us have our own style, and if you are happy with how your page turned out, then that’s all that matters.

Happy Planning!!!

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20 thoughts on “Planning Supplies for Beginners

  1. Great first post! I host a Plan With Me Mondays Blog Linky every week where you can link up planner posts and find other planner bloggers, it runs all week until Fridays at midnight so feel free to pop over and link up, we’d love to have you 🙂 xxx

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  2. Great first post!! I did some shopping yesterday, broke my ‘no spend’ month when I found a Cambridge planner at the Goodwill for .99$, and got inspiration for a blog series. This post will fit right in with it soI’ll be linking to you!


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