A Look Inside My Planner

I am 100% a personal size planner girl. In total I have seven personal size binders in my collection, Why? because I can change out the ‘guts’ of the planner, to me its like changing bags, once you grow tried of one, you move into another. My current planner is the perforated mint Kikki K.

This is my view when I open up my planner.

It makes me happy everytime I open it.


I keep a selection of sticky notes in the front so I always have somewhere to quickly jot down things before they are written in my planner. I’m not going to lie and say that my pockets look like this all the time, they don’t. When I am taking my planner with me, which isn’t very often, the cute clips stay at home.


Behind my dashboard is this side loading credit card holder from WHSmith but im sure you will be able to find hem on Amazon. This is where I keep my itty bitty stickers from The Reset Girl.


Next is my monthly section, this is a sneak peak at May’s layout which is not finished yet. I use the inserts that came with this planner, bacause it seemed like a waste not to. The paper is really thin, but the pen I use doesn’t bleed or shadow, so they are perfect.


My weekly inserts are from Webster Pages, I started my personal size journey with a color crush planner, and I adore the inserts, the paper quality is fab, and I love the layout of them. 


Next up is my to do section, again, the Kikkik planner came with an abudance of to-do and meeting notes paper. It seemed silly to me not to use it, after all, this is where I brain dump, and write general appointments/things to remember before I transfer the information to my weekly and monthly sections. I also made this folder to store stickers and receipts.


On all my dividers, I have sticky notes, they are laminated so its the perfect place to keep them, because who doesnt have plenty of cute sticky notes. I use them to pre-plan my week by writing appointments, birthdays etc, before my planning process starts.  

In between my pages I have a today section. I always put this in the middle of my week for extra space. I use a sticky notes to list the things I have to do that day, or my shopping list.

Completely random, but I have cut down a few sheets of thick pink paper. I was going to try a weekly layout on these but haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you have any ideas on what to do with these, please leave a comment below. 


My list section speaks for itself. This is where I keep my favourite  Etsy shops, shopping lists, wish lists, happy mail etc. Again, I have used the Kikkik paper and added different types of washi to brighten it up a little.


In addition to the kikkik paper, I have also trimmed down a few of my favourite list pads. These are always the pefect width for a personal size planner, all you have to do is trim a small section off the bottom.
My final section is where I keep information about my kids. I have all the important contact information and holidays.


I have already planned for this week but my next post will be a plan with me. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it! Thank you for stopping by.


9 thoughts on “A Look Inside My Planner

  1. Oh I love the note pad idea! I haven’t thought of that! Didn’t know you had a blog, going to binge read the rest of your posts now! x

    (The Pretty Little Peony)

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  2. I’m such a ding dong….I have been swooning over your pics on IG and not sure why I didn’t know you had a blog. Day made:) I’m going to be all over your posts! I recently switched from an EC to a personal kikki k (bright yellow) and need all the help I can get. Thank you! Your pages are always soooo lovely!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is sooo lovely! I don’t know how I didn’t know you had a blog!! I’ve been following you on IG but apparently not paying attention! I’ll be going through all of this today with lots of coffee! So excited! I switched from an EC to a personal kikki k (bright yellow) and need all kinds of help getting my act together:) Thank you for your beautiful photos and inspiration! (I thought I left a comment but it was from my phone and I guess it didn’t work, so trying again:)

    Liked by 1 person

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