My New Paperchase Planner

When visiting Paperchase over the weekend, I couldn’t resist this planner. It is personal/medium size and the colours and patterns are to die for. 

Paperchase often come out with patterned planners, but I have been able to resist them, until now. I’ve yet to set it up, but here’s a look at the inside. 

Inside, it’s black fabric, with five credit card slot pockets and one big one at the side. It came with a “today” lined list pad, and a sheet of stickers, similar to what comes in Kikki-K planners.

It has silver rings, and comes with July 2016 to July 2017 inserts, these are lined. It also has a to-do and meeting section. All the other dividers are blank so you can create your own sections. 

The paper is quite thin, which is okay because I won’t be using them. I will share my set-up in my next post, so make sure you have subscribed so you don’t miss it. 

Have a great day!!!


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