Planners and Sunshine

I opened an Etsy shop!!


Before my first son was born, I worked in an office for a house building company, I loved my job, taking care of the accounts and payroll. That all ended when my son came along. The company was unable to offer me my role part time, and with childcare costs being so high, I decided to leave, and become and stay at home mum. Fast forward four years, and I now have two sons, and I love being at home with kids.

I began my planner instagram account in September 2015, and I love the community. I have gotten to know a lot of wonderful people, and I really enjoy sharing my planner journey. I started making accessories for planner, and now the kids are a little more independent, I thought, why not sell my creations.

For now, I sell planner charms, bookmarks, and Travelers Notebook page markers, but I am hoping to branch out to more accessories in the future. For me, the shop is about making others happy, whilst having a job. I love making the items, packaging them, and walking up to the post office with the boys to send them out to the customers. Its a little something for me.


If you want to have a browse, click here. For all updates and coupon codes, I have created a separate instagram page for the shop here.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Love, Claire


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