Planner Peace?


I’ll admit that when it comes to planners, I’ve never had 100% peace. I’ve had nearly every size, and style of planner, and what I’ve learned over the course of all the madness, is not what I love, but more, what I don’t.

Throughout the past year, my life has changed, and with that, comes different needs. I started with an A5. My reason for this was purely the amount of space, and planner you get for your money. I never felt the need to buy a smaller planner, when I could get the larger one for a few pounds more. Of course, I have now learned that it isn’t about cost, its about what works for you. It soon became apparent that I wasn’t busy enough to make to make an A5 work, so I did something really silly, I bought a Happy Planner, which is the same size as an A5. I thought because it had discs instead of rings, I would like it better.

I planned in my Happy Planner for a few months, and guess what? It was too big.

I decided to try personal size, and when a craft website was selling the Webster Pages planners for £3, I bought one in every colour. I fell in love with the size, and setting them up. A colour for every season! I surely didn’t need to buy any more planners, right?

Wrong… Next came my obsession with personal/medium size Kikki K planners. I bought my first one, the perforated ice blue, and no sooner had it arrived, I bought the perforated peach. I fell in love. I then made the mistake of checking the Kikki K website when the sale was on, this led to me buying the A5/Large cobalt (I later trimmed my happy planner down to fit, but I won’t get into that), but again, too big, surprised? The perforated mint was also on sale, so of course, I bought it, making that my last Kikki K planner purchase to date.

I never used the Websters planners again after using the Kikki K. There is no contest between them in my opinion, and I don’t think I would ever switch to any other type of ring bound planner, purely because the size of the rings. But never say never.

I planned in my Kikki K for most of the year. I love the fact that most list pads are the exact width, so they can easily be trimmed and punched into the planner, making great note paper. For messy writers like me, this is perfect. I love being able to remove and add pages as I please, without having to worry about it messing up my planner.


I was one of many that got sucked in to the pocket size Travelers Notebook world. I watched numerous set up videos, and the more I watched, the more I thought that this looked perfect for me. Who doesn’t love a chunky planner. I had a brief love affair with mine, and although I will continue to use it for journaling and memory keeping, It no longer serves the purpose of planning, as it is too small for my needs since I opened up my shop.


I am currently using my Bando Agenda for planning, and my Kikki K for everything else. I am hoping to keep this system as I love how it is working out. The Bando has a horizontal layout, and is large, so it has all the space I need. I was using it as a memory planner, but as I needed more space, I thought it would be silly to buy yet another planner, so repurposing this one made sense. My Kikki K is still under construction, as soon as it is completely set up, I will let you all have a peek inside, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it.


Do you think planner peace exists? For me, I have to say no. I think planning is about keeping our lives together, as well as being creative. As creative people, we sometimes need to change our canvas, and explore new outlets.

 Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Planning!



5 thoughts on “Planner Peace?

  1. I agree with you, Claire. I don’t think there is a “peace”. I’ve had a variety of planners through the years. Mostly standard ones. Right now I am in love with Bullet Journal style and TN with May books. I’m sure you’ve seen Josefina in my IG (orangemamalikes) feed. LOL I love the idea of the LT1917’s on the shelf, but think the TN refill is way to go for me….right now. Can’t wait for your shop to reopen! Josefina needs some charms from Scotland.

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  2. There may be planner peace, but it’s so hard when so many new & pretty planners are always being released! I have 2 Kikki K’s, but I don’t like the pockets. You have a gift for making the Kikki K’s look soooo good!!!
    XoXo Melissa (@sweetdreamsofparis)


  3. For me the reasoning is like “planner peace” exists but only for time to time. What i mean by that is every moment in your life where you feel that your system is working perfectly for you is planner peace. But of course that never lasts too long because we are people and we change over time! So for me the secret is to always adapt the systems to work for your needs every time and THAT is planner peace for me<3<3<3

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    1. Definitely! We change all the time. I went back to personal size rings, but now I am trying out a regular TN to hold everything. Creative journal, art journal, planner, and lists. At this time, I feel like I am going to love it and can’t imagine changing it, but that’s what we all say isn’t it. I like changing it up, and as long as I’m planning and creating, I’ll be happy no matter what the planner is.


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